On the 28th of May, 11th and 25th of June 2021, we hosted a new slate of Halogen⁺ Community Exclusive Personal Development Workshops led by our corporate volunteer, Ms Gloria Zhang. Curated to develop our youth volunteers, the three virtual Workshops: ‘The Journey Starts Right Here’, ‘Midpoint Pulse Check’, and ‘The End is the New Start’ aimed to imbue them with professional know-how to ace their first internship or job.

Our super volunteer, Gloria, has worked for a multinational company for a decade across different roles in quality, new product introduction, and supply chain development. She is currently pursuing her Masters’ Degree in Museum Studies and Curatorial Practices at Nanyang Technological University. Over the course of the sessions, each spanning 2 hours, she had shared with us on how to 1) be purposeful in our internships; 2) manage our stakeholders and get feedback; 3) and create lasting professional relationships. 

Meet Gloria!

Gloria had managed to skillfully alleviate all fears and first-time jitters by providing tips on establishing a good foundation from the get-go. During the workshop, Gloria, together with our youth volunteers, dissected different mindsets that interns often possessed and analysed different handles that can aid in communicating with colleagues and increase work efficiency.

She ended the workshop by reminding participants that having the courage to ask for help and taking initiative will more likely lead to positive results not only in our personal growth but also in building rapport with our colleagues.

It is through the support of our volunteers that we are able to continue initiating personal development workshops to better our Halogen⁺ community. We are excited to continue working with our passionate corporate volunteers who are eager to share their stories and experiences that can inspire youths to create a better tomorrow.