Bynd Artisan and Ying The Label are two renowned brands in the local landscape of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs). As part of their second anniversary celebrations in 2016, both companies collaborated with Halogen Foundation Singapore to impact youth from the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) programme.

Bynd Artisan invited NFTE students to their store and students got to hear stories of challenges and victories from Bynd Artisan and Ying The Label’s entrepreneurship journey. This collaboration provided an opportunity for our students to understand what happens behind the scenes in running a business.

“We hope that through this process we can actually inspire them to fight for their dreams, and to follow their passions. This is something that every student should have in their mind. Everyone has a dream.”

–  Li Ying, founder of Ying The Label

In that same year, both companies collaborated on a product that brought together Bynd Artisan’s leather craftsmanship and Ying The Label’s fashion design expertise. This resulted in a specially designed shawl that was paired with a customisable leather piece.

With their respective entrepreneurship journeys in mind, they approached Halogen Foundation Singapore with a new fundraising initiative that would see 20% of the sales proceeds going directly to our work in building young entrepreneurs.


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