There are few things nobler than helping someone achieve their true potential. I find volunteering rewarding. It enables me to be a part of the community and make a positive contribution.

– Clive Ellul Hawthorn, Vice President at INTO Global
Clive Ellul Hawthorn

I first started my career in the travel industry, and was lucky enough to have the opportunity to venture into various roles across the regions. I was always a firm believer in the potential of youths driving positive changes, hence I began looking for volunteer opportunities that could match my interests. I believe that volunteering is a way to build that support network for individuals who need it, to strengthen the fabric of society and give something back to those who need it the most. When I first learnt about Halogen’s cause, that was the moment when I felt that stars aligned in what I was looking for. I eventually joined as a corporate volunteer for Halogen’s NFTE and Mentorship programs early this year and it has been an extremely meaningful experience for me.

As a mentor, I strive to get to know my students personally, such as what drives them, excites them and what goals they are currently pursuing. The most rewarding part of mentoring for me, is witnessing the progress of my mentees and being aware of the role I’m playing to support their personal growth. The best mentors are sounding boards for their mentees and are willing to help individuals cultivate a sense of purpose and direction that can help them navigate their way through life.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to have years of experience to help someone achieve their potential. I hope that people can start to adopt this mindset and embrace the spirit of volunteering. Through Halogen’s NFTE and Mentorship programmes, volunteers act as enablers for youths to discover about themselves and gain insights into the real world by learning about different perspectives and valuable industry experiences.

If you are interested in making a difference in the lives of youths, join us as a volunteer here!