Everything is possible if we believe in ourselves and keep trying. Be passionate – live life to its fullest and make your dreams come true.

– Winnie Chan, CEO & Founder of Bynd Artisan

Reinventing a traditional book-binding business wasn’t a walk in the park as Winnie Chan, CEO and founder of Bynd Artisan recounts. Upon taking over her grandfather’s business, she managed to overcome the challenges by innovating and creating new experiential concepts with the progress of technology. Today, Bynd Artisan’s spirit of artisanal excellence lives on as a successful home-grown brand known for its high quality personalised leather works and paper gifts.

Apart from her successful business, Winnie has also been an active supporter of Halogen’s work for the past 6 years. “I have worked with Halogen for six years now, and I am heartened to see how they have continued to innovate and stay relevant through different ways of engaging and instilling confidence in youths, aged 15 to 19 from lower income families.” says Winnie.

When traditional fundraising events and efforts were disrupted by Covid-19, Winnie was one of the masterminds alongside the board members of Halogen to brainstorm on other alternatives for fundraising. This eventually led to the birth of the first ever #JustOneThing fundraising campaign which empowers business leaders to advance Halogen’s cause by tapping into their own expertise.

The idea was to create an ecosystem that connects like-minded business leaders, social enablers, and professionals who believe in nurturing the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs by helping them uncover their inner potential. “A lot of young adults today expressed their intention of wanting to do something they’re passionate about, but have yet to discover their true passion. However, as they hone their skills, it sparks an interest within them and through continuous research and self-improvement, this interest translates into passion over time.” Winnie adds.

As part of the #JustOneThing partnership with Bynd Artisan, 12 local influencers were invited to design their own unique notebook surrounding the theme ‘A New Chapter’. Everyone has a story to tell and a quote they live by. With this initiative, Winnie hopes to inspire others to support Halogen’s cause in nurturing the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs. “It is not just a notebook you’re holding in your hands. This book represents a world of possibilities and opportunities that you are opening for Halogen youths. At the same time, it features a quote on the cover that inspires and speaks to your hopes and dreams as we welcome a brand new year.”

View the 12 notebook designs here!