Paving the way for success through mentorship

Meet Simran Lallchand

Credit Suisse X Nanyang Polytechnic Mentoring Programme

Simran Lallchand is a mentee under the Credit Suisse X Nanyang Polytechnic Mentoring Programme (2022-2023). She shares more about her experience as a mentee, and how the lessons she has learned have helped her in her professional journey.

Gaining advice and guidance through mentorship was a key part of Simran Lallchand’s journey as a mentee. Having joined the Credit Suisse X Nanyang Polytechnic Mentorship Programme 2022-2023, she credits the programme for paving the way for personal and professional development.

“When I first joined the Halogen – Credit Suisse mentorship programme, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Looking back, I can confidently say that this program has been instrumental in shaping my character, mindset, and skills,” she shares.

Student mentees in a room listening to a presentation
Strengthening her skills

Gaining the confidence to speak up and voice her opinions was just one of the many qualities Simran developed over the course of her mentorship, through her mentor’s sharing of practical tips and techniques that she could adopt in different scenarios, and apply to daily life.

“Her advice helped me push myself out of my comfort zone,” she recalls. “I even found the courage to speak in front of many bankers during the closing event for this program, which was a significant achievement for me!”

A group photo of mentees and mentors under the Credit Suisse x Nanyang Polytechnic Mentoring Programme
A nurturing mentorship

Simran holds a deep appreciation for her mentor’s patience and understanding during the mentorship. “She always made time to meet with me, even during hectic periods, and tailored our sessions to meet my needs,” she says.

She also found it easy to relate to her mentor due to her humility and down-to-earth nature, and felt that she was able to be open about the challenges she was facing, and the aspirations she had.

Her mentor’s views on life and success, and her passion for giving back to the community, were also a source of inspiration for Simran: “One of our most memorable conversations was when she shared with me the advice to live how I wish to be remembered, which encouraged me to lead a more fulfilling life and re-evaluate my life priorities.”

Knowing that she has a reliable mentor who she can turn to for advice and professional development opportunities has helped Simran to feel more confident in approaching her internship.

“Having a mentor who is an experienced professional in the industry is priceless,” she reflects, adding that she is grateful for the chance to learn from her mentor’s experiences, and to her mentor for laying a strong foundation for her personal and professional development.

“I strongly recommend this mentorship program to others who wish to learn from experienced professionals, gain valuable insights, and build lasting relationships.”

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