Finding community and fresh perspectives

Meet Jegatheesan Sudharsaan

Mentee, Participant
ELEMENTS mentorship programme, LinkedIn programmes

As a mentee from the ELEMENTS mentorship programme and a participant in various LinkedIn programmes, Jegatheesan Sudharsaan relishes the opportunities he has received to develop his career. Below, he tells his story of how mentorship has helped to guide his career path, develop new skills, and connect with a community of like-minded friends.

The desire to discover what he wanted for his future was what motivated Jegetheesan Sudharsaan to seek career advice.

While he found support from his family, friends and school, he soon realised that he was seeking a mentor who could guide him through his career path. Concerned over his career prospects, the final year undergraduate at SIM-UOL decided to attend networking events to deepen his knowledge of the workforce and different industries.

A group photo of youths at LInkedIn's office
Finding a community

The Linkedin Career Conversations event was one such avenue that helped him to bridge the gap he faced, by connecting him with industry professionals, and a new group of like-minded friends who shared his goal for career development, from university students, to junior college and polytechnic graduates.

As he bonded over the shared goal of charting one’s career path with them, he found that he had discovered a new community to attend networking and career events with: ”Being able to meet like-minded individuals who had the same positive energy of wanting to grow & better themselves in life motivated me to be better.”

Students at LinkedIn's office during an event
Broadening his horizons

Sudharsaan appreciated the opportunity to learn from seasoned practitioners across various industries through the networking sessions he attended, as they were able to provide fresh perspectives.

“I was blown away by the atmosphere provided within the LinkedIn APAC HQ office,” he remembers. “At the end of every one of these events, I felt that I had spent my time in a productive way by getting to network with various industry professionals & gain new perspectives & nuggets of wisdom from them.”

Besides participating in LinkedIn events, such as the LinkedIn Career Conversations & LinkedIn Career Roundtable, he joined the ELEMENTS mentorship programme as a mentee to further his growth. “These programs allowed me to grow in a way that I could not anticipate,” he shares, adding that he has since grown more comfortable with striking up conversations.

He also believes that his participation in ELEMENTS and various LinkedIn programmes have furnished him with the mindsets he needs for planning his future.

“These programmes help to ground you as individuals… [and] brings awareness to many of the necessary skills that are required in the workforce today,” he asserts.

“This is a rare opportunity for students to build connections with industry professionals who aim to help the next generation of the workforce.”

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