Vigilance and Responsibility, Together

The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic in Singapore has presented a global health crisis that compels us as a community to band together and do our part to fight the virus as one people. At Halogen Foundation, things are no different. With each of our initiatives and programmes, we have taken intentional steps to ensure we maintain a level of vigilance and social responsibility as the nation stands together to overcome this crisis.

School Workshops & Training Sessions

In view of the recent COVID-19 “circuit breaker” measures, all our workshops, training sessions, and events will be halted until further notice.

Lowered Class Size

Working with schools and educators, we will lower the size of each class to limit the number of persons in a classroom.

Well-Ventilated Classrooms

We will aim for all sessions to be held in non-airconditioned rooms that are well-ventilated.

Temperature Screening and Travel/Contact Declarations for Facilitators/Volunteers

All facilitators and volunteers engaged by us will be screened for temperature and travel risk before a session.

Replacement Facilitators on Standby

Should there be facilitators that we have to send home, we have a contingency plan of deploying additional facilitators.

Events & Public Workshops

In view of the recent COVID-19 “circuit breaker” measures, all our workshops, training sessions, and events will be halted until further notice.

Rescheduling The Halogen Ball

The Halogen Ball, initially our celebration to be held in February, is now rescheduled to Friday, 3rd July 2020.

Increased Screening for Public Workshops

Participants who are attending our public workshops will be screened to ensure the safety of all our participants and facilitators.

Digital Alternatives for Talks and Seminars

We will be holding digital webinars and other online engagements for our talks and seminars planned.

Volunteering for Community Initiatives

We will start a campaign highlighting different community initiatives that we can invite our Halogen+ community to contribute to.

Halogen Office Management

Travel and Contact Declarations for Visitors

All visitors to the office will make a declaration of clearance for their travel and contact history.

Additional Medical Leave

For staff who have been on medical leave or issued a SHN, they are given additional days to fully recover before returning back to work.

Increased Rigour in Cleaning

We have increased the frequency of our office cleaning and disinfecting, and deployed air purifiers in every room.


Company operations shift to remote work to ensure social distancing and added precaution between staff and interns.

This pandemic looks like it will be with us for some time, but we are confident that as we continue to be vigilant and responsible, it will be yet another defining moment in Singapore’s history that showcases our collective strength and community spirit.

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