Category: Mentorship

Halogen Mentoring Programme

ELEMENTS is a mentorship programme developed and run by Halogen Foundation. ELEMENTS typically serves youth aged 17 to 25, we match these young people with mentors from established institutions, companies and our Halogen⁺ community, to embark on a learning journey through the power of mentoring conversations.

TikTok Mentoring Programme

This 6-month mentorship programme is crafted specially for youths interested in honing their interview and resume writing skills, as well as gaining insights on their future career pathway from experienced professionals. Along with TikTok’s mentors, Halogen will be present to facilitate the event.

LinkedIn Ambassadors

LinkedIn Ambassadors is a programme for youths to become peer-support leaders that can help their peers in navigating and maximising opportunities through LinkedIn. Ambassadors will be trained to spread awareness of LinkedIn as a platform, guide peers on profile creation and management, assist peers in searching for opportunities, and share tips on content curation and creation. Find […]