Category: Meet Our Team​

Ivy Tse

Ivy believes in creating a positive working environment and in developing people as she stewards Halogen’s resources to achieve the larger youth impact goals. Essentially a Chief Everything Officer, she focuses on seeking new partners, funders, and contributors who can enable Halogen’s mission and work. Ivy also enjoys running to clear her head, taking one […]

J.D. Lee

J.D.’s early challenges as a youth fueled a passion for helping young people unlock their potential. He leverages his unique understanding of overcoming obstacles and his global and regional career experiences in education and business to empower future generations. As CDO, he charts growth in Halogen by gaining inroads to new markets, fostering strategic partnerships, […]

Danial Wan

As the right-hand man to the Head of Finance in Halogen, Danial handles day-to-day transactions and ensures that funds are allocated appropriately across all departments. His strong belief in youth enrichment brought him to Halogen and in his free time, he enjoys racing on Gran Turismo and a game of poker with his friends.

Lydia Hong

Lydia ensures smooth collaboration between departments within our organisation – she is the go-to person for problem-solving across departments. Whether it is tackling administrative processes or leading changes in how we work, Lydia keeps our operations running smoothly. With her eye for detail and talent for bringing people together, Lydia connects different parts of our […]

Eunice Hoon

Eunice is passionate about all things research and data, which sums up her role in the Impact & Development team. She manages Halogen’s impact measurement and strives to utilise data to grow the organisation. Outside of work, Eunice enjoys catching up on films and tv shows – pair that with conversations over coffee and pastries […]

Jonathan Lim

Jonathan spent a good number of years creating tiny little banners that followed you everywhere you went on the Internet. Believing that knowledge, like wisdom, should be passed on, Jonathan sought out a path where he could be in a position of influence to the youths coming up behind him.. like an Uncle Ben to […]

Maisie Leong

Breaking barriers with all things content is Maisie’s passion – from developing marketing strategies to handling social media, she has a keen eye for storytelling, and is deeply invested in strengthening brand-consumer relationships, and creating impact through her work. Outside of work, you’ll find her baking, enjoying a cuppa, and indulging her lit nerd tendencies […]

Nurin Ismail

Curious about the best methods to connect various audiences to a brand, Nurin dives deep into data insights to craft and optimise campaigns that spreads the brand awareness of the organisation. She is a strong believer of seeking something to learn from everyone she meets, especially youths! Outside of work, you’ll find her reading fantasy […]

Jermaine Ng

Being the bridge between Halogen and the community, Jermaine manages all youth stakeholders and volunteers that pass through Halogen’s doors; from recruitment to engagement to development. Providing opportunities for young people to meet like-minded peers, network, and grow as individuals are Jermaine’s driving factors. In her downtime, you can find her in the kitchen, either […]

Divagaran Kalaivanan

As an academy Executive for programmes, Diva takes great delight in impacting the next generation, drawing from his own experiences as a youth. With his expertise in youth leadership and engagement, he leads the charge in managing and executing Halogen’s empowering training programmes, tailored to support and uplift today’s youth. Having spent nine years in […]