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[20th Anniversary Series] The Room Where It Happens

In honour of our 20th anniversary, we invited our past and current staff to recount the highlights of their trainer journey with us. Learn more about work life in Halogen, our roots in youth development, and the mark we’re making in the lives of young people.

NFTE Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge 2022

Prior to attending the NFTE Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge 2022 (NYEC), some students shared that they were nervous and apprehensive about the upcoming challenges that they had to face. However, along the way, the biggest thing that helped many of them was the support and encouragement they got from others. Find out more about what they […]

Realising A World Made Better

Halogen’s vision is to realise a world made better by future-ready young people, who step up and catalyse change in their communities. And that is why we create opportunities for young people to understand that they have influence that matters, and they can make a difference.