Category: FELLOWS

Yap Rui Xuan Charlotte

Charlotte is a firm believer in the transformative power of leadership to empower others and drive positive change in society. As President of her school’s student council, she is dedicated to serving those around her and taking meaningful steps to improve their lives. Her passion lies in uplifting children from underprivileged backgrounds, ensuring they have […]

Tan Xin Ru, Ella

Ella is a passionate and committed leader who always strives to extend a listening ear to the issues of her community and a helping hand in humanitarian efforts. She champions for equality in society, and motivates her fellow future-makers to do the same. She enjoys designing and utilises this interest to create problem-solving products and […]

Vera Ong Liwen

A passionate servant leader with a wealth of experience in both service and team leadership, Vera is known for her dedication, tirelessly serving diverse groups of beneficiaries. She places great importance on team welfare, ensuring their well-being while successfully delivering project outcomes. She believes a safe working environment is crucial for both task completion and […]

Tan Xiang Ling Earlina

As the leader of Project Kalon, Earlina is driven by her passion for serving seniors in Singapore, fostering a lasting and healthy culture through the sport of pétanque, creating opportunities for new friendships to blossom. With a heart full of compassion, she is determined to empower youths like herself to become agents of change and […]

Soh Sher Rone

Sher Rone is a firm believer in the adage “actions speak louder than words.” With her keen observation skills, she creates a comfortable and safe environment for those around her. Her attention to detail is evident in her inclination to crocheting and wiring, where she excels in bringing projects to life, leaving a lasting impact […]

Tan En Xi

En Xi is a firm believer in the transformative power of stepping outside one’s comfort zone. With a passion for nurturing youth, building teams, and fostering support systems, she prioritises cultivating genuine relationships with those she serves. En Xi’s grassroots involvement and scholarship in Humanities have nurtured a deep interest in public policy and community […]

Renise Chia Shi Ying

Renise is driven and passionate about empowering youths to make a change both individually and in society. She believes that youths have the power to voice out and diffuse stigmas in society through a ‘by youth for youth’ effort. As an empathetic and passionate leader, in addition to her zealous personality, she strives to advocate […]

Olivia Koh

As an active member in her school’s central exco and community centre, Olivia strives to create a safe space for the people around her to empower them to step out of their comfort zone and voice out their opinions confidently. As an avid reader, she founded Caridosa Library to provide equal access to reading to […]

Poon Kah Jun

Kah Jun advocates strongly for treating everyone from all walks of life equally. He lends a listening ear to those around him and is always there every step of the way. In the midst of school commitments, he takes the time to serve the community and connect to those who he serves, in hopes to […]

Nguyen Ngo Khiet Duyen Clarissa

Clarissa is a passionate advocate for equality in holistic educational opportunities and the inclusion of immigrants in Singapore. Through her leadership, she has spearheaded multiple projects to provide accessible educational and enrichment programs for children and youth, and co-founded a project dedicated to promoting social integration among immigrants. Her selfless service aims to inspire future […]