Category: National Young Leaders Fellowship

If I’ve previously applied for the National Young Leaders Fellowship, can I apply again?

Yes! As long as you are within the age range of 15 to 19 years old of the application year, we’d be happy to review applications from applicants who have applied before. You will need to submit a new application as there are new questions in this year’s application form.

Do I need to be a Singaporean Citizen?

No, however do note that all events are held in Singapore. In most instances, you will be required to participate in the events in-person.

What kind of leaders are you looking for?

We nurture and recognise young leaders who excel at one (or more) of these leadership traits: InvolvementBringing positive change to the community through active participation EngagementMobilising others to catalyse positive impact ConvictionActing with purpose on issues and passion areas that they care strongly about Self-LeadershipBeing a positive influence by upholding values through their actions Team […]

What are the eligibility requirements for the Fellowship?

Applicants must be between the ages of 15 to 19 years old in the year they apply for the Fellowship.

What is included in the Fellowship?

Guidance in crafting and pursuing a personalised impact plan to leverage on Halogen Foundation and the Fellowship to make the most of this programme, taking yourself, your leadership, and the impact you make to the next level. Participation in a national cohort of leaders to exchange views and opinions on social issues. Exposure to opportunities […]

What happens after submitting my application?

Firstly, you will receive a confirmation email as to whether you have cleared the first round of screening to go on to the Assessment Form selection stage. Thereafter, you will be notified via email on the results and successful applicants will move on to the Panel Interview selection stage.

How are the Fellows selected?

Fellows are selected based on the scores accumulated from each selection stage. Applicants must commit to and complete all selection stages: The first step is to submit your application via this online form. If you have a referral or a nomination code, please key that code at this stage The next round consists of a […]

How many Fellows will be selected?

30 Fellows will be selected to join the National Young Leaders Fellowship 2024.

What is the time commitment required for the Fellowship?

The Fellowship is not a full-time commitment, but active and engaged participation is key to creating a meaningful Fellowship experience. Fellows must commit to: Participation in the full programming of the five-day Fellowship Induction Programme – 12 to 16 June 2023 During the Induction Programme, Fellows will: Learn About Self Be more intentional in your […]