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Creating A Safe Space For Youth – Meet Vera Lynn

Creating A Safe Space For Youth Meet Vera Lynn Corporate Volunteer, COO CentreELEMENTS Mentor, NFTE Coach & Judge, NTU Unbound Judge A seasoned corporate volunteer with Halogen, Vera has helped to enable youth development across various roles: as a mentor with the ELEMENTS mentorship programme, a coach and judge for the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) programme, and […]

Finding Community And Fresh Perspectives – Meet Jegatheesan Sudharsaan

Finding community and fresh perspectives Meet Jegatheesan Sudharsaan Mentee, ParticipantELEMENTS mentorship programme, LinkedIn programmes As a mentee from the ELEMENTS mentorship programme and a participant in various LinkedIn programmes, Jegatheesan Sudharsaan relishes the opportunities he has received to develop his career. Below, he tells his story of how mentorship has helped to guide his career […]

Letter From Our CGO: Looking Back On Two Decades Of Youth Development

As Halogen celebrates our 20th anniversary, our Chief Growth Officer, Sean, reflects on the evolution of youth development in Singapore over the past 20 years. Read on to find out more about how the youth landscape has evolved, and how we have been adapting our approach to youth development to make a mark in the […]

20 youth heading to COP28 climate talks under S’pore govt initiative to groom sustainability leaders

40 youth climate advocates, aged 18-35, formed the inaugural cohort of a Climate Youth Development Programme launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment, the National Climate Change Secretariat, and the National Youth Council, on July 2023. Through this programme, the youths were empowered with skills, networks, and resources to drive climate […]

More scope for youth volunteerism, says Tharman as he calls on them to ‘be impatient for change’

Guest-of-Honour President Tharman Shanmugaratnam spoke at The Halogen Ball, a fundraising gala dinner organised by Halogen, in August 2023. In his speech, he addressed the need for more to be done as a society to encourage sustained and cause-driven volunteerism, urging youths to “be impatient to participate, to initiate, and to collaborate,” amidst an increasingly […]

[20th Anniversary Series] The Room Where It Happens

In honour of our 20th anniversary, we invited our past and current staff to recount the highlights of their trainer journey with us. Learn more about work life in Halogen, our roots in youth development, and the mark we’re making in the lives of young people.

NFTE Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge 2022

Prior to attending the NFTE Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge 2022 (NYEC), some students shared that they were nervous and apprehensive about the upcoming challenges that they had to face. However, along the way, the biggest thing that helped many of them was the support and encouragement they got from others. Find out more about what they […]

How do I get registered as a coach or instructor with the Ministry Of Education?

All facilitators and trainers are required to register with the Ministry of Education. For detailed information on how to register yourself with MOE, visit this link.

If I’ve previously applied for the National Young Leaders Fellowship, can I apply again?

Yes! As long as you are within the age range of 15 to 19 years old of the application year, we’d be happy to review applications from applicants who have applied before. You will need to submit a new application as there are new questions in this year’s application form.

Do I need to be a Singaporean Citizen?

No, however do note that all events are held in Singapore. In most instances, you will be required to participate in the events in-person.