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[20th Anniversary Series] When I Grow Up

Who do you want to be when you grow up? We asked our youths about their aspirations for the future, the communities that have shaped their journeys and growth, and the support that has led them to where they are today.

Mohamad Roshaquell Sholihin

Rosha believes that youths possess an innate capacity for greatness and are highly impressionable and capable of blossoming into exemplary leaders within their communities. His genuine passion lies in engaging with young minds, deriving immense satisfaction from nurturing their development and witnessing their transformative journey unfold. In his role, he dedicates himself to supporting the […]

Vũ Thị Hồng Nhung (Nhung)

With an ambition to impact disadvantaged youths in Vietnam, Nhung engages in projects protecting the voices of youths through promoting their work in social activities. That is also the mission of her team – Youth Dragon. Together with her friends, Nhung organised the project, “Sit here and let’s talk” to help teenagers learn about their […]

Vaze Reva Sameer

As a dedicated young leader, Reva is driven to build a more inclusive and adaptable society. She is always eager to delve into prevalent societal issues, exhibiting a deep passion in advocating for mental health and socioeconomic equality within the community. Forward-thinking and deeply committed to her goal, Reva aspires to empower the next generation […]

Trinh Hieu Thy

Few service opportunities daunt Hieu Thy (or Sophia, as most know her). From promoting literacy skills to giving dance lessons at local orphanages, she’s realised her passion in enabling holistic educational opportunities. Currently, Sophia works to develop speaking skills in underserved children, with the goal of building confidence through communication. Enthusiastic, curious and empathetic, she’s […]

Thin Yadanar (Carolyn)

Carolyn is a self-driven leader committed to providing inclusive education for all youths regardless of their academic background. She believes leadership is beyond just a title earned and she is proactively involved in various initiatives for local and international communities to bring enrichment opportunities to youths. Carolyn is adamant that an individual’s upbringing and educational […]

Nguyễn Thanh Uyên Thi (Thi)

Thi’s grandfather was a man of few words, but there was a line he said that resonates to Thi: “Study, my child, only through studying can you become a good person.” Deeply concerned about the educational inequality between mountainous and urban areas, Thi aspires to bridge the gap by providing children in her community with […]

Tara Joshi

Tara is compassionate and caring. She is committed to catalysing positive change in her community. Passionate about youth empowerment, global affairs and socio-economic disparities, Tara actively participates in related activities in and out of school to fulfil her passions. In her free time, Tara likes to scuba dive and travel. She hopes to further her […]

Tan Bo Yan

Bo Yan has championed meaningful causes like raising funds for children with cancer to lighten their financial strain and tackling social isolation amongst seniors through a project focused on building intergenerational bonds. She also enjoys meeting new people and listening to their life stories, gaining new insights in the process. It is Bo Yan’s belief […]

Sincere Foo

Sincere is passionate about serving the community and the underserved. She is dedicated to bringing change through leading and inspiring the people around her. She is currently serving as a core member of Orasight, an initiative that raises awareness about visual impairments amongst others. Volunteering regularly has allowed her to reach out to the community […]